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Use one or more of the search fields, taking note of the following:

  • Enterprise name: You can enter the legal name of the enterprise or another name under which it does business.
  • Licence number: you can either enter a licence number (e.g., GAR 22345678) to consult the information specific to this licence, or a file number (e.g., 22345678) to consult the information relating to any licence related to this file. The information must be complete and accurate.
  • Quebec Enterprise Number (NEQ): The NEQ must be complete and accurate.
  • Postal code: You must at least enter the first 3 characters.
  • Exact spelling: The “Exact spelling” box can be checked to refine the search. In this case, the search by exact spelling will apply to all the fields that contain data.

Example: SE 22345678 or 22345678
1611 Crémazie Boulevard East,
Suite 500
Montréal (Québec) H2M 2P2
Telephone: 514-748-7480
Toll-free number: 1-877-748-7483
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